N Scale Layout

Real Rail operates a large 36′ x 9′ “U” shaped modular layout using Digital Command Control (DCC) and complete with all scenery.  The Railroad runs from the beach loop at one end, through towns, repair shops, freight yards and completes the oval by going around the mainline passenger terminal at the other end.  There is no grade to the layout, each modular section is flat and connects to its neighbor via clamps.

The railroad is essentially a large oval with small secondary loops and a point to point town to beach trolley line.  Both the inner and outer side of the loop has access to a 7 track storage and staging yard with a 10 track passenger terminal at the end of the longer loop.  Near the town end there is a large turntable with railroad repair shops and other light industry.

The buildings and scenery of Real Rail are set in the late steam to diesel era and there is no set operating period, all equipment, from steam to modern AC diesels with container stacks are welcome.  Real Rail is all about trains and operations are designed to demonstrate the art, craft and technology of modern model railroading.  Real Rail has over 300 N scale cars and 30 locomotives in operation, almost all of the locomotives are DCC, several with sound on board.

Real Rail runs each Saturday for the public and as such no provision for switching operations has been made.  Freights and Passenger trains start in the yard and proceed to circle the layout until returning either to the freight or passenger sections of the yard.

With almost 5 scale miles on N track, many long straight sections available and 18″ radius turns long trains using almost any equipment look good moving on the Real Rail.  Modules vary from beach to rocky hills to towns to the expansive freight and passenger yards with town along the outside

Because of the modular design the entire layout may be moved if desired with a minimum of down time.