RealRail Membership Information

RealRail is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization.

Members are afforded all the privileges usually associated with an organization of this type including access to the center, operation of trains, participation in clinics and workshops, plus a 20% discount on RealRail owned (RR) items in the Company Store. Spouses of full year members may elect to become members at no extra charge.

Membership dues:  Full member dues are $65.00 per month ($780.00 annually). Seasonal memberships are available at $75.00 per month, from three to six month periods.  

Dues may be paid annually, quarterly or monthly.  Monthly payments may be accepted through automatic electronic transfer, but NOT through credit or debit charges.

All members are expected to participate at show and public events as well as to help maintain the layouts and facilities.

A name tag and RealRail (RR) shirt are required to be worn at public events and requested during public hours.  RR name tags are $10.00 and RR shirts are $20.00 (tax included).

Checks should be made payable to RealRail and submitted to the Director of Membership or mailed to RealRail, PO Box 239, Tallevast, FL  34207-0239.

For additional information on membership contact RealRail at 941-739-8724 or

Click here for Membership Application, print and fill it out, then bring to RealRail for processing.

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